General overview of services

We provide our clients, who are on the buyers’ side, with legal, financial and technical due diligence of any Czech company or property located in the Czech Republic to eliminate any possible risks and defects to ensure that they will acquire a company or property of the expected value. On the other hand, we are here also for sellers who are interested in the investigation their own companies or property (the so-called vendor due diligence) and want to eliminate any potential prior before putting the company or property on the market.

Scope of our work includes full or partial legal, tax, accounting and technical due diligence of a company or property and is followed by providing either red flag or full of a due diligence report describing our findings including recommendations how to resolve problematics or defects and if requested, assistance with resolving the respective issues.

In addition to the professional services provided by rutland & partners, PPES and Moore Stephens and in order to provide these services more effectively, we may facilitate the access to a secured virtual data room which may be used by all parties to the transaction for storage of due diligence documents. This virtual data room is very user friendly.